~ Cleans & Shines

~ Repels Dust

~ Smells Great!

~ Protects Coat

~ Conditions Hair

~ Non-Slippery

~ Water-Beading!







ShowPRO+™ is the ultimate Earth-Friendly product that everyone has been waiting for! So what makes it diffrent? IT REALLY WORKS to repel dirt, dust and numerous flying insects without being smelly, slippery, greasy, harsh, poisonous, flammable or toxic...all while being designed to make your horse look like a Show-Pro, even if it isn't!

  • Are You Satisfied with Your Current Products?

  • Are You Tired of Using HARSH CHEMICALS?

  • Or "NATURAL" Products that DON'T Work?

  • You Owe it to Your Horse!

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ShowPRO+™ is made available to you through the same GREAT company that brought you, and your pet friends, the COLDFLEX® Self-Cooling Wraps, pads and blankets -The BEST Self-Cooling cold therapy products on the market...EVER!

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